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Secondary. Year 10 plus

Ryan and Lucy.

By Harvey Child, year 10+, Elizabeth College

It seemed like it was just the two of them, Ryan and Lucy. He kneeled holding her in his arms. He kneeled, holding his dying mother in his arms.

Ryan's steely grey eyes stared into Lucy's, he cradled her, taking in all her features in his mother's final moments. his blood stained hands gripped so tightly it was bruising her, his sharp face looked as if it could cut stone. his red cheeks adorned with tear streaks.

Lucy had blood on her, staining her porcelain skin. She had wrinkles on her face, carved by stress, as streams of water carve canyons. Her green eyes looked up into her son’s, not a single tear shed.

The forest around them seemed so full of life, whilst she was dying.

"Why?" he croaked
"I'm sorry, Ryan" she spoke remorsefully, but with strength, she always had strength.
"I made mistakes..." Ryan's voice was warm, he never looked away from her eyes.

A long silence filled the space between them.

"I made mistakes too," her voice was still the same, she seemed like she would never change.
"Look at me now, we all get our due, son." she coughed at the end of that line, her falseness crumbling around her.. She raised her hand from the wound on her stomach, the pain left a grimace on her face, more twisted than their situation.
She put her hand to his face, confiding in him "I know you will too." She raked her hand weakly down his face, leaving a trail of her blood. He moved his eyes up and she closed hers, the moment between them over.
"No I won't," he said coldly, as he drove the knife in his hand into her heart. Looking straight ahead, he stood, flipping her flaccid body into the muddy floor.

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