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Secondary. Year 10 plus

Second place in the secondary group


By Rachel Quick, year 10+, The Ladies’ College

The girl's skin radiated energy. Her striped red jumper hung loosely from her thin frame while her neon leggings clung to her legs. The lighthouse which she called home shone a clear light back and forth the roaring ocean.
The girl sighed as the strong breeze whistled through her hair, and as she stood up to survey her view, she spied a baby bird. Quick as a fox, she sprung over to the helpless creature and kneeled over it. The bird cowered in her shadow. The girl's warm hands reached out and gently held the bird in her palm.
At first, it squawked in terror, but when it realised that the hands belonged to a creature of kindness, it sank into her silk-like skin. "That's better now, isn't it?" the girl cooed, slowly rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet. Cautiously, she stood to her full height. The bird peered out from its den. The girl stretched out a finger like a stick and gently kneaded the bird's fragile head.
The wind had stopped howling. The girl and the bird sailed along the grassy coast, their movements intertwined. Soon, they reached the lighthouse. The stove emitted a cosy warmth which the girl snuggled into. The bird hopped out of her hands and waddled over to a crusty bread bin. It pecked hungrily at some stray crumbs lying on the table. The girl strolled over to her friend and whispered, " It's me and you now. Caitlin and Bird. Forever and ever." The bird looked up into her eyes and blinked slowly, seemingly smiling.
Caitlin leapt up suddenly, Bird somehow already in her hand. . Caitlin lowered her new friend to the ground, and they both ran with all their might to the edge of the cliff and screamed.

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